Health HMO Coverage
An affordable option, an HMO is a managed approach to medical care that is most commonly purchased due to its simplicity and LOW out-of-pocket costs at time of use.

PPO Coverage

If having a Choice is your concern, and seeing a specialist you want when you want is how you would like your plan to work-then a PPO plan is the plan for you. PPO plans are usually available with an IN-Network Provider directory that keeps your costs down, but also provide a benefit that allows you as the subscriber to see any physician you want (even if they are not in a company's directory) for a lower, yet substantial benefit amount.

POS Coverage

This is the "everything" plan. POS plans combine both an HMO option with the PPO options giving you the most choice available. If you need care and can utilize the HMO tier of the plan, your personal out-of-pocket costs will be low. In the event that you do not want to utilize the HMO product, and desire to self-refer yourself to a physician of your choice, then the PPO option is available to you.

Medical Savings Plans
Recent laws allow for tax-deductible savings to be set aside to cover "high deductible" PPO Plans. Deductibles are traditionally $1,500.00 to $2,250.00 per person.
Another affordable benefit, these can cost as low as $7 per employee, and are sometimes free when purchased longside a Group Health Insurance plan.

These products vary in a similar fashion to the Health plans:
Dental Maintenance Organization (DMO), Dental Provider Organization (DPO) and traditional Fee For Service (FFS) plans are available.
This type of insurance pays for services to help individuals who are unable to perform certain activities of daily living without assistance, or require supervision due to a cognitive impairment such as Alzheimer’s disease. LTC is available as individual insurance or through an employer-sponsored or association plan.

A type of disability income insurance that provides disability income benefits after short-term disability income benefits terminate and continues until the earlier of the date when the insured person returns to work, dies, or becomes eligible for pension benefits. Contrast with short-term disability income insurance.
A Universal Life Policy is designed to meet your needs like no other policy can! With a Universal Life Policy, you can
• Accumulate tax-deferred savings
• Vary your premiums
• Vary your benefit
• Suspend payments periodically

Universal Life allows you the flexibility to make changes as your life circumstances change, without having to change your life insurance policy. Lock in your inseparability now, while you are healthy, and start protecting your loved ones, while you build cash for for your future.

Ask us about a personal Life Insurance Review. We can help you determine the amount of coverage you need, and show you how simple it is to get started!

Term Life Insurance Term Insurance covers you for a specified period of time, such as one, five, ten or twenty years. Once the term is expired, you must renew it, often at much higher rates. The policy only pays a death benefit if you die in that period of time. Term Insurance often has specific rules about when and how you can renew the policy. Term Insurance normally NEVER builds cash value. However, Term Insurance has the advantage of normally providing the highest death benefit for the lowest premium. Ask us about which Life Insurance policy is right for you and your loved ones. We will be happy to explain the differences in simple, easy to understand terms.homeowners policy will normally cover the stay, subject to policy limits.

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